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Peace Out Skincare

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The work shown below was created during my time as a Graphic Design contractor
for the targeted skincare company, Peace Out Skincare.

Each product has its own color and pattern to follow for brand and product recognition.

Designs were created using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Motion Examples

Below are examples of DTC animated designs to be used for Instagram Reels. These were meant to be "clicked" through as people watched the reel.

The main goal was to make these fun and enticing, encouraging customers
to take advantage of sales, tease and hype up a new product, and learn about what the products actually do!

SMS/Static  Examples

Below are static SMS and IG Grid posts made to showcase the products
efficiency and encourage consumers to "click" or check out mentioned products, sa
les, initiatives, etc.

POS_EarthDay_368_SMS1_ copy.jpg
402-Retinol-SMS copy.jpg
335 SMS pores reviews 3.14 copy.jpg

Email Examples

Below are various email designs that often coincided with matching
IG Reels & Grid posts. The main goal was to encourage customers to purchase featured products or take advantage of any sales that may be going on.

POS_393_Email_ProductIMG copy.gif
2022_POS_Email_374_R1_Beige copy 2.jpg
335 Email pores reviews 3.14 copy.jpg
2022_POS_Email_351_MakeupPrepFull_325 copy.jpg
363_Email_Final_Model copy.jpg
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