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A&S Brewing

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The work shown below was created during my time as an intern for an in-house design firm known as A&S Brewing that is located in Burlington, Vermont, and is also a subsidiary of Boston Beer Co. 

A&S Brewing specifically does work for three breweries:
Angel City Brewing, Concrete Beach Brewery, and Coney Island Brewery.

Angel City Brewery

Artist Postcard Series.

This series is a way to learn more about the artist behind the label design, specifically featured is Kat Oldershaw. Below you can see the postcard's front-side with the original trim marks and the back-side without trim marks.

The paint splotches and images were provided by the artist, with the typography and set-up done by me.

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 7.01.24 PM.png

Product Factsheet - Web Version.

Fact sheet for Angel City Brewery's brew, L.A. Blonde that gives basic information like the alcohol content, and shows the label design and branding following brand guidelines.


Event Signage.

This poster was done to showcase the schedule for the Broken Hearts Circus, an event held by Angel City Brewery pre-COVID.


Feature Night - Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid asset that was created to showcase Angel City Brewery's
music feature night with the band, Pacific Range following Angel City's
brand guidelines. 

Concrete Beach Brewery

Event Assets.

These assets were created to be used on Instagram for the grid,
and as a Facebook/Twitter banner.

They were to be used to promote Concrete Beach Brewery's partnership
with the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run and well as the event itself.

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