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Freelance Work


Below are some of the examples of freelance work I have done since graduating in May. I enjoy doing a variety of different designs and consider myself more of a multi-media designer.

While most of my freelance work has been involved in branding, logos, and social media/digital marketing assets, I am also interested in doing:

user interface designs or user experience designs, poster and print design, publication designs (ex: brochures), illustrations, email marketing designs, photography, basic animations/GIFs, and basic website design.

Vitamins - Branding, Ads,
Merch, and Socials.


Vitamins (@mins.vita) is an upcoming start-up that is dedicated to advocating for mental health & drug abuse awareness in youth.
I am helping launch this start-up with my friend, Clare, who handles the business side of things whereas I do most of the design work. A previous designer did design our current logo, however, I do most of the other ad/socials work, branding, and basic web design via Shopify.

On the right, is a character
I designed to be used in socials. 

I created her using Illustrator,
and is meant to represent
"taking your vitamins".


Ads & Socials

Below are some of the starter ads I designed in Illustrator to generate interest and provide information about the brand, and what our mission and goals are. I also created a story that looked to involve artists and photographers who wish to share their story through creative media.



The founder and I decided to create fun, re-sharable affirmation graphics to post on socials once we launch our brand. These are meant to easily be re-shared with feel-good quotes and stand-out designs.

Made in Illustrator.

Amplify Brand & Logo Kit

Amplify is an upcoming brand that aims to connect musicians and non-profit organizations to help spread awareness about their goals. Think of major-brand deals that artists take on, but instead, they could use their platform to spread awareness about non-roots and their mission.

I helped design this simple logo, chose an accent color, font, mark, and created a basic logo kit.

main logo.png
secondary logo.png

Sei Brand & Logo Design

Sei is an upcoming pesto and provisions brand in which I re-designed their old logo to create a modern, recognizable look. I chose a new font as well as stuck with the original green accent color, and designed a new look for when the brand ends up on shelves.


DPR Construction Sticker Design

Stickers were designed for DPR Construction Workers to be used on their hard hats. The idea behind them is to create a sense of community and reward the workers, inspired by football players' stickers on their helmets.

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