Hi! I'm Alicia, and I like explaining things visually!

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I am attending my fourth year at Champlain College, graduating in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design & Digital Media.


Relevant design-work experience includes Very good light, A&S Brewing, and the Champlain College Gallery. Check out more about my other professional work on Linkedin!

What I can do

I am a quick designer. If you need a graphic quickly, yet is aesthetically pleasing. I'm your designer! Not all of my designs are done quickly, but every design has intention.

I do have a preference for Branding or Poster Design, Social Media Assets/Graphics, Typography Design, and Publication Design.


Lastly, while I do enjoy motion graphics as well, although I am still learning.


Reach out for


project-based, or

free-lance work!

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