Why __


Why (blank) Design?  was a collaborative publication created with Graphic Design students split into various teams, working together to create a cohesive piece in the end. Each student was given the task to decide what the "blank" is. For example, I chose to do color theory, so my spread titles are "Why use Color Theory in Design?". The color palette used was CYMK, and in turn, sectioned off by the four colors depending on what category the spreads would fit under.


Below are the spreads designed by me.

Design Concepts

Below, is one of the original concepts I had for the visuals of Why (blank) Design? 

We were each asked to present different ideas we had for the collaborative publication, with ideas for colors, imagery, potential logos and/or marks, and a cover-page concept.

Since I was apart of the Marketing Team, we were required to work on different assets for the final publication. In particular, we collaborated to create the Cover Page, Table of Contents, and worked on poster-designs for an exhibit. (The exhibit ended up being cut due to COVID)

Below are some of the design concepts for the Cover and Table of Contents. 

The exhibit I mentioned above was originally set to be a stairwell installation on campus. Our idea was to create "hype" and mystery, leading up to when we would install over the weekend.


Due to COVID, our plan was changed and we ended up scratching the exhibit and creating an online/interactive PDF that would be (in theory) accessible by a QR code. Below I am showcasing the original stairwell concepts, and then the poster-design concepts in reaction to COVID.

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