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Under pressure

Book designed, published & printed  by Alicia O'Brien 
at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London

Under Pressure is an experimental publication about the rebellion of modern relationships and the value of your own identity within human connections. Friends, family, or even society, force people to fit into specific societal norms in a relationship.


Title Page & Choice Spreads

Artboard 1.png

Because the publication is 70 pages long, I decided to pick some of my personal favorite spreads which can be viewed below.

These spreads showcase the different typographic treatments throughout the publication, including purposeful kerning and tracking of letters and words. These treatments were meant
to replicate the feeling of pressure and rebellion.

At the bottom of this page, there is an option to view the entire publication as well, which I recommend!

Societal norms are often heteronormative and monogamous,

yet the younger generation challenges these pre-set ideals.

From an adolescent's standpoint, it is no longer expected

to being in a relationship at a young age, get married young, and have the typical nuclear family.

Instead, people are redefining relationships to no longer conform to societal needs, but instead, focus on the health and happiness of each individual. 

Below, experience the publication in its entirety.

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