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The Stolen Children Film

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The designs featured were designed by me during my time as a Remote Intern

for an upcoming documentary, The Stolen Children Film

I created design assets following the given brand guidelines for their Instagram

as well as conducting interviews, writing blog posts, and designing blog headers.
The blogs I wrote can be read below, in order from newest to oldest...

• Adoptees Around The World: Izzy Fox

• Adoptees Around The World: Clare Clancy

Wildlife in Cambodia

Tourism in Cambodia

Meet our Director of Photography: Britney!

Interview with Kyrsten Arnold, our Cinematographer!

Music and Aspara Dance (in Cambodia)

International Women's Day in Cambodia!

Interview with Assistance Director, Phoebe Yung!

What is the Angkor Wat?

Meet the Producer: Breanna Lynn!

Meet the Director: Lizzie Jacobs!

Informational Poster

This poster was designed as a "final" project for the Graphic Design & Social Media interns, in which we decided to do an informational poster/infographic.​

We felt that it would be important provide an easy way to share more information about The Stolen Children Film and help fundraise. Additiontally, the background image is an outline of the Angkor Wat temple, located in Cambodia, which is significant to the film.

For this design in particular, I art directed and finalized the design, while the other interns helped and provided the body copy and critique.


Blog Posts

Every Monday and Saturday a new blog post would be up, requiring a two-swipe Instagram grid post and blog header. Saturday blog posts would require interviewing with other team-members or more recently, other adoptees around the world. Monday blog posts required research and an informative or interesting post about Cambodia and Cambodian culture.

Instagram Assets

Instagram grid posts and stories were typically made to share the film's latest blog post or help encourage fundraising.


Fundraising Fridays

Every Friday a new Instagram graphic would be made to help encourage people to donate and help fundraise the film. These graphics would be appropriately sized to share on The Stolen Children Film's Instagram story and grid posts.

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