Typographic Migraines

Using only typographic elements, the viewer is shown a visual representation of what it is like to have a migraine. People have a tendency to consider migraines just a bad headache, but in reality, they are extremely painful and debilitating. 


The final designs are very bright in color and can be harsh to look at, which may

cause a headache. I recommend that you lower the brightness on your screen before viewing the final designs.


Each design was created separately with a slightly different design process and multiple iterations, but with the same intention in mind.

In the end, the designs are able to work individually or as a set, and goes from rigid to abstract design. Below, you can see previous iterations and see design elements that eventually made it to the final designs.

Final Designs

After creating 100s of iterations through the design process, the final four designs were picked intuitively based on the feeling they captured, peer critique, and self-critique.


As mentioned above, the designs below will be very bright and may cause eye strain
or a headache. I recommend adjusting screen brightness prior to viewing.


Gallery view

An example mock-up of how the final designs would be set up for a gallery,
the mock-up below was created by me.

Background Image Credit: Augustine Wong on Unsplash