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Design Challenge

Scheduler app for home buyers

I created this project as a means to practice and test my abilities within UI/UX design and showcase simple branding compared to the other work in my portfolio. I followed a design prompt randomly generated by Designercize.

Design: Sortable list view

For: A scheduler app 

To Help: Home-buyers

Situation: Finding the right house to purchase can be difficult, as well as finding the time to schedule showings and finding open houses.

This app would allow users to easily browse purchase options based on their selected filters.

 Potential Next Steps...

  • Expanding purchasing for apartments/condos

  • Expanding into rental houses, renting apartments/condos, etcs



Target Audience

A simple, easy way for home-buyers to view open house schedules and open viewing times in the area(s) in which they want to purchase a new home (or apartment).

Home-buyers will be able to save and sort through various lists that match exactly what they are looking for! 

  • Sortable list view (with or without filters) for homes/apartments for sale in the area

  • Saved homes/apartments

  • Scheduled appointments and/or open houses

  • Homebuyers looking to purchase their first homes, and easily schedule tours or find open houses.

  • Homebuyers looking to expand on their properties, and gain insight on their current home(s) market value(s).

  • Agents or those looking to sell their homes seeking seamless, safe visits to schedule for tours + open houses

Design Process

First, I began by sketching simple wireframes/thumbnail concepts to get a visual idea of what I am first thinking when designing. It was important to design these quickly and not get hooked on the brand aspects specifically, as those components will come later.


After sketching, I viewed similar apps and websites to gain an idea of what works, what doesn't work, and what could be improved. For app references, I viewed: Zillow, Trulia, and I also looked at scheduling apps like Google Calendar, TimeBloc, and Bookedin.


15 mins, Simple thumbnail sketches to showcase my first thoughts about the design direction.

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg


30 mins, designed in Illustrator. These were designed as simple wireframes based on my previous sketches. 

Artboard 1.png

High-Fidelity Mock-ups

After creating sketches and wireframes, I designed high-fidelity mock-ups to showcase what the app may look like in reality. During this process, I designed simple icons and picked out a color palette and typeface.

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