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COVID Signage

COVID Signage and Wayfinding designed for the Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts.

This was a group project completed by my friend Kelsey Peyton, and myself.

The main idea behind our deliverables is to provide inclusive,
easily understandable icons and wayfinding for those navigating the hospital(s) during COVID. The icons ideally can be understood by English and
Non-English speakers, and help people easily find where they are going
as well as following COVID safe protocols.



Below are iterations from the original process to determine the best solutions for the Sanitization Station signage and icon signage. Simplicity and legibility was the most important deciding factor during critique and choosing the final designs. 


Final Designs

Below are the final icons for the Sanitization Station in a version of three separate signs, as well as a version with one sign featuring all of the icons.

During COVID, most hospitals feature a station where you sanitize, replace your current mask with a medical-provided mask, and then wait your turn. We designed these to be easy to understand with or without the typography as well.


Below are the wayfinding signs throughout the hospital featuring wall directional signs, a unit wall design, and markers on the ground to remind people to stay 6-feet-apart.

The wall directional signs will be on the sides of the walls and repeat the unit's name (ex: Cardiology) every 18 feet, with each set of arrows being 6-feet-apart. Additionally, when someone enters their unit, the entire wall will be colored according to the wall directionals, for example, Cardiology's unit will be red. 

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